Action day on February 03.02rd at 13 p.m. in Berlin “Hand in hand – take action in solidarity now!

“Crises, wars, catastrophes – the world around us is becoming more and more unstable. Much of what we have relied on is uncertain. In a fast-moving world, we see the political climate in Europe changing ominously. Fears of change, loss and poverty are deliberately stoked and people are played off against each other. The divisions in society are deepening.
In Germany, the political landscape is developing alarmingly: right-wing and right-wing extremist views are gaining public support. Racism, anti-Semitism and other forms of group-based misanthropy are increasing. People are degraded and socially excluded due to poverty, unemployment or homelessness. At the same time, imperative tasks such as climate protection and social justice are downgraded to annoying impositions. Disrespect, hostility and denial of facts dominate parts of the social mood. The distinction between despisers of democracy like the AfD is disappearing. Standing up for human rights is being questioned. Refugees are massively disenfranchised, and they and the people who support them are increasingly criminalized. Our social coexistence, diversity and fairness:
Yes, our democracy is in danger.
But we are determined to become loud and active: for an open, democratic, plural and solidarity society, together against the shift to the right in Germany and Europe! Silence is not an option! We must become visible and audible. The time to act is now, because there is a lot at stake in the local, state and European elections in 2024!
Now we are ALL asked:
For solidarity and respect, against hatred and agitation
For justice and tolerance, against division
For a society that leaves no one behind, for human dignity, against exclusion
For self-determination and humanity, human rights for all, against racism, anti-Semitism and other forms of group-related misanthropy
You can find further information about the day of action:
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"We have moved to Stromstraße 47, 10551 Berlin. Through the courtyard entrance on the right and then take the elevator to the 1st floor."