BBZ child protection concept

The child protection policy forms a reliable and coordinated system for all employees of the advice and support center and the BBZ's cooperation partners to protect against violence against children and to protect against abuse of power towards vulnerable people. Evidence of violence, abuse of power and sexualized violence can only be recognized and dealt with appropriately in one's own institution if the possible dangers are identified preventively and are even considered possible. To ensure adequate child protection, the child protection protection policy is therefore introduced as a control strategy. In counseling work, sensitive situations and boundary constellations between children, young people and adults must be reflected. The professional (pedagogical) role of consultants, social workers, freelancers, volunteers or interns must always be clarified. Topics such as closeness and distance, physicality and sexuality as well as power relations must be reflected in the work. 

Child protection officer: 
Tanja Zwick (child protection specialist)
Daniel Jasch (Board of Directors)
Patricke Langemann (external specialist)

If you have information about child protection violations, please contact the following email:

You can find our complete child protection concept in the following PDF file:
Child protection concept as of September 13.09.2023, 1 (XNUMX)
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