Demo “Family reunification NOW!” on February 22.02.2024, XNUMX

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Tens of thousands of families who were separated by flight and persecution are currently waiting to be reunited in Germany. Above all, legal regulations prevent your family reunification from being quick, legally secure and humane...

Action day on February 03.02rd at 13 p.m. in Berlin “Hand in hand – take action in solidarity now!

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"Crises, wars, catastrophes - the world around us is increasingly unstable. Much of what we have relied on is uncertain. In a fast-moving world, we see...

Regularly in Tegel!

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From January 17.01.24, XNUMX, our mobile advisory team, the BBZ advisory bus, will be regularly on site at the UA TXL accommodation in the disused Tegel Airport. The property has a current occupancy…

JoG campaign “Equal right to education for everyone!” and handing over the education appeal at the Culture Ministers Conference

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"Dear everyone, we were at the Education Ministers Conference (KMK) today and with our campaign “Equal right to education for everyone!” Young refugees have asked the ministers of the federal states and the state minister…

Seminar announcement

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Contents: On the one hand, the training deals with the requirements for social work in the context of the temporary care of (unaccompanied) minor refugees (UMF) in Berlin. Among other things, the…

Be there! Equal right to education for everyone!

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Dear signatories of the WeAct petition “Equal right to education for all!”, on December 8th the time has come: With an action and a conversation at the Education Ministers Conference, we will support the petition “Equal right to education for all!”

“Abscheibeministerpreis 2023” in Potsdam and contributions from various newspapers and television

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Yesterday we were at the award ceremony for the negative award #Deportation Minister 2023 for the Brandenburg Interior Minister Michael Stübgen in Potsdam. Bumf was there with us. In various newspapers, radio and television about our…

Press release from November 08.11.2023th, XNUMX from BBZ/KommMit, BZSL and Refugee Council Berlin

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 Joint project to strengthen standards and structures in the asylum procedure and in the reception of particularly vulnerable refugees. Since December 01.12.22st, XNUMX, the advice and support center for young refugees and…