Counseling bus for young refugees and their relatives

Young refugees often live, whether accompanied with their parents or unaccompanied, in various youth welfare facilities or communal accommodation and are not always quickly reached by the BBZ offers and informed about the rights to which they are entitled.

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Project measures:

Outreach social work with a counseling bus in front of shelters:

Initial advice on the rights of unaccompanied minor refugees in the age determination and redistribution procedure (clearing procedure), as well as general compulsory schooling in Berlin and registration for school, including for children and their families

Logging of legal violations in connection, e.g. denied or delayed access to school/education and accommodation that is not suitable for children

Clarification of necessary procedural steps after the arrival of children and young people and their families in Berlin.

Presence with the advisory bus in front of authorities, such as the State Office for Immigration (LEA), in order to be able to give the first necessary advice, e.g. in the event that applications (residence or work permits) are rejected.

Advice also in front of schools if there is no transition from welcome class groups to regular classes.



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Our consultations are of course free of charge!

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