Advice on family reunification and qualification of multipliers

Our goals

Our goal is to explain to refugees the requirements and procedures for family reunification and to give them the opportunity to actively participate in their family reunification. 

In order to achieve this goal, in addition to individual counseling, we also offer measures for the qualification and networking of employees from counseling centers, residential homes and voluntary and full-time supporters of refugees.

Our offer

We advise refugees from all countries of origin and regardless of their residence permit.

  • Individual support for those affected
    Strengthening of the information situation and the options for action of the refugees in the family reunification process

    • Advice on family reunification and support for refugees with the application
    • Claim special humanitarian emergencies at the Federal Foreign Office, the diplomatic missions and the immigration authorities
    • Support for refugees in legal steps to enforce their legal claims
  • Strengthening of professional skills on questions of family reunification of social workers and supporters
    • Further training on the subject of family reunification in/for your facilities in Berlin and the new federal states
  • cooperative relationships between advice centers, organizations and initiatives for professional exchange
    • We organize an eight-week network meeting on the subject of family reunification
    • Please contact us if you would like to be subscribed to the newsletter with the minutes and current information

We are currently still moving and setting up the office space. We can only give emergency appointments to people who already have a file with us. We are currently not accepting any new inquiries! We ask for your understanding.

During the moving phase, we can only be reached by email for our clients.


When requesting advice, please provide the following information if possible:
- Surname
- phone number
- Language
- Why is? (Who should be caught up? What residence permit does the reference person have? Is there a deadline? Etc.)

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Sebastian Muny
Samullah Hadizada
Shada Ghadban
Ahmad Shabaan
Larissa Kupski
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Stromstraße 47, 10551, 1st floor Berlin

info flyer

    • Information for asylum seekers and persons entitled to protection on family reunification (status: December 2022)


The visa has been issued and entry has taken place. What has to happen now?

In this guide we have compiled information on the main administrative procedures that need to be carried out after entering Germany for family reunification.

“First steps after entering the country for family reunification” (status: December 2019)

Information sheet “Overview of family reunification for unaccompanied minor refugees (UMF) for guardians”

Information sheet on family reunification for UMF for guardians + youth welfare (2023)

Training “Family reunification for unaccompanied underage refugees” on February 23.02.2023, XNUMX

presentation slides

The advisory service on family reunification takes place as part of two projects:

The project “Advice on family reunification” is funded by the integration fund of the Mitte district office in Berlin. The integration fund is a measure from the Berlin Senate's overall concept for the integration and participation of refugees.

The project 'Advice for refugees on family reunification' is funded by the UN refugee aid, Terre des Hommes and Diakonie Deutschland