Young people without borders (JOG) were founded in 2005 in the BBZ and are now a nationwide association of young refugees.
Our work follows the principle that those affected have their own voice and do not need a "representative affected person's policy". We decide for ourselves which forms of action we choose and how we carry them out.

JOG is against any kind of discrimination, in particular: racism,
Fascism & Anti-Muslim Racism.

Our goals are:

  • a generous right to stay for all
  • the unconditional implementation of UN children's rights
  • equal rights for refugees with locals
  • the legalization of people without papers (so-called illegals)
  • equal opportunities, especially in the areas of education and the labor market
  • the right of return for our deported friends!

We always meet at the same time as the interior ministers' conferences, and we regularly elect the "Deportation Minister of the Year".

With the "Initiative Prize of the Year", we also honor initiatives that represent all associations and individuals who work in their area on a daily basis for their fellow human beings, neighbors and classmates.

We also organize many activities locally, since those who are tolerated are not allowed to leave their district due to the "residence obligation". This includes participation in specialist conferences and seminars, organizing information events for the press and schools, making demands on politicians, and publicity campaigns such as demos, rallies and vigils.

We carry out these and many other campaigns with many supporters. For example with ProAsylum, the state refugee councils, and the BBZ BerlinBumF and  brain theater.
We meet every second Friday in the BBZ.

You can get more information by sending us a short email to:

We finance ourselves exclusively through donations. If you would like to support us, we would be very happy.

KommMIt eV is a non-profit association and will be happy to provide a tax-deductible donation for your donation at the beginning of next year donation receipt out of. Please also enter your postal address in the purpose of your transfer!
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