Orientation and initial consultation for refugees

Orientation, education and initial counseling for refugees as part of the AMIF project on Strengthening of the standards and structures in the asylum procedure and in the reception of those seeking protection is aimed in particular at:
  • accompanied underage asylum seekers and their families
  • Adults and young adult refugees
  • Refugees with disabilities and/or chronic illnesses
  • Refugees from Ukraine / third-country nationals

The focus of the project measures is on the Orientation and initial consultation. The members of the target group should receive all the necessary information that will make their arrival in Berlin easier and, if they need further advice, will be forwarded to specialized services and providers of independent asylum-related procedural advice.

Other project measures are aimed at development of concepts for improved accommodation standards (especially for people with disabilities and young adult asylum seekers) and the qualification by full-time and voluntary supervisors and consultants as well as by officials. This should Uniformly high standards in the reception and social counseling and support of the target groups in the state of Berlin be created.

Phone Number:

030/ 666 407-27

Please call us during our telephone consultation hours to arrange an appointment:
Wednesday 13-16 p.m.

Appointments are made by appointment via email or telephone

Jens-Uwe Thomas (project management)

Barik (Fadi) Khafaji (social work)

Rima Jibaee (social work)

Daniela Scholten (social work)

Bianca Reuter
(Responsible for administration)

NN (Psychologist)

E-mail contact:

Stromstrasse 47
1st floor, staircase A
10551 Berlin / Germany
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