The procedural advice for refugees is primarily aimed at:

  • People with residence permits
  • Recognized refugees, those entitled to subsidiary protection and people with stays for international law and humanitarian reasons
  • people with tolerance
  • People who are obliged to leave the country
  • EU citizens
We advise and support you with questions about:

  • General residence law problems (study, training, work, family, ...)
  • Residence law perspectives in addition to the asylum procedure (including training toleration, residence according to § 25 a & b AufenthG, opportunity stay, ...)
  • Extension of residence permits, residence requirements, work permits, ...
  • Passport procurement and identity verification
  • Impending deportation
  • Asylum Seekers Benefits Act
  • Benefits according to SGB II (job center)
  • Benefits according to SGB XII (social assistance)
  • Mediation of lawyers
  • Support in contacting authorities
Please bring all required papers and documents with you to the consultation!
Jana Fleischmann
Consultant in residence law, project coordination
030–666 407 25
1st floor, staircase A
Stromstr. 47
10551 Berlin / Germany

Please call us during our telephone consultation hours or write an email to arrange an appointment:

Telephone: 030-666 407 25
Wednesday between 13 a.m. and 15 p.m

Open consultation hours (if there is an acute need for action):
Monday 11pm-15pm
Please expect a waiting time


interpreters in Arabic, Farsi, French and English are usually on site. For other languages, please inquire in advance.

Our consultations are of course free of charge!

The project is funded by the Senate Commissioner for Integration and Migration with funds from the Senate Department for Labor, Social Affairs, Equality, Integration, Diversity and Anti-Discrimination.