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With your donation to our sponsoring association KommMit eV, you help us to continue to successfully use our more than twenty years of experience and competence in working with young refugees for the people who are most dependent on it. Strengthen our network and enable more efficient identification of the most vulnerable. Create the stable conditions for a successful integration and participation of refugee children and young people in Berlin. Make it easier for those seeking advice to get education, work and information with us and give people in need the chance of a decent life.
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Account holder: KommMit -for migrants and refugees- eV
Bank for social economy
IBAN: DE92 3702 0500 0003 0047 00
Key word: BBZ work with young refugees

Lease termination after 20 years –
Help us to get the BBZ!

Dear friends,
For decades, the BBZ – Counseling and Care Center has been offering social space and community-oriented counseling for young refugees and migrants. However, after more than 20 years, our commercial lease has not been extended and we have to leave the premises at Turmstraße 72 on June 30.06.20th, XNUMX.
We cannot afford the usual market rents for commercial premises in Berlin. This means that our work faces a major challenge.
However, we have one last chance. There are rooms in Turmstrasse that we can barely afford to renovate. However, the costs for the conversion work amount to approx. 50.000 euros. We would like to cover part of it with our own manpower and cooperation and the solidarity of our friends, we try to get the remaining amount of approx. 33.000 together through donations and foundation funds.
Every euro counts. That's why we ask for your donations!

Donations account:
Bank for social economy
Account owner: KommMit eV
IBAN: 88 1002 0500 0003 0047 00
Purpose: “Construction site/preservation of BBZ 72”

Your donation is of course tax deductible, please let us know your address in the purpose of use so that we can send you the donation receipt by post.
I am at your disposal for any questions!
Best regards,
Walid Chahrour
Management of the BBZ
Mobile: +0176 24864761 XNUMX

You can find the detailed call here.

After the construction site
Dear donors,
We last wrote to you at the end of 2020 from our construction site on the 2nd floor of the office building at Turmstraße 72. Thanks to your donations, we were able to complete the construction work and have been fully operational again since the beginning of this year with the various BBZ projects.
Of course, this is only possible to a limited extent in view of the effects of the corona pandemic. However, we can offer advice and help for refugee children, young people and their families on the basis of appointments and strict hygiene requirements. This goes beyond the emergency operation that we would have to carry out during the construction work.
Even if the current developments do not allow it yet, we hope that you will soon be able to get a personal impression of our new domicile.
We would be happy to inform you about our current projects and our plans for the future. Since some project financing will soon expire, we depend on your support.
So that you can get a better impression of our work, we would be happy to inform you regularly about our work.

We will keep you updated.
Thank you for your donations!
With kind regards

On behalf of the BBZ team

Walid Chahrour
Aylin Gungor
Daniel Jasch
Mohammed Jouni
Jens-Uwe Thomas