Counselling on family reunification and qualification of multipliers
Our goals:

Our goal is to explain to refugees the requirements and procedures for family reunification and to give them the opportunity to actively participate in their family reunification.

In order to achieve this goal, we offer individual counselling as well as measures for the qualification and networking of employees from counselling centres, residential homes and voluntary and full-time supporters of refugees.

Our offer:

We advise refugees from all countries of origin and regardless of their residence title.


  • Individual support for those affected.

Strengthening the information situation and the refugees’ options for action in the family reunification procedure.

  • Counselling on family reunification and support for refugees in submitting applications
  • Asserting special humanitarian emergencies with the Foreign Office, the foreign missions and the foreigners authorities
  • Supporting refugees in taking legal steps to enforce their legal rights
  • Strengthening the professional skills of social workers and supporters on issues of family reunification.
  • Further training on the topic of family reunification in/for your institutions in Berlin and the new federal states.
  • Cooperation between counselling centres, organisations and initiatives for professional exchange.
  • We organise an eight-weekly network meeting on the topic of family reunification.
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For general enquiries:


Please provide the following details for counselling enquiries:

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  • Language
  • What is it about? (Who is to be replaced? What residence title does the reference person have? Is there a time limit? Etc.)
Our team


Schada Ghadban

Miriam Wollmer

Larissa Kupski

Daniel Kamiab Hesari

Ahmad Shaaban

Sebastian Muy

Irfan Kizgin

Turmstraße 21
Haus M, Eingang O
2. OG
10559 Berlin

Turmstraße 21
Haus M, Eingang O
2. OG
10559 Berlin
Information materials (in German only)

Fortbildung “Familiennachzug zu Geflüchteten” am 17.12.2021 – Präsentationsfolien

The visa has been issued and the entry has taken place. What must happen now?

In this guide we have compiled information on the most important administrative procedures that must be carried out after entry for family reunification.


“Erste Schritte nach der Einreise zum Familiennachzug” (Stand: Dezember 2019)

“Erste Schritte nach der Einreise zum Familiennachzug” (Stand: Dezember 2019)

The counselling service on family reunification takes place within the framework of two projects:

The project ‘Family reunification in Berlin-Mitte’ is funded by the district integration fund of the Mitte district. The integration fund is a measure of the overall concept for the integration and participation of refugees of the Berlin Senate.


The project ‘Counselling of Refugees on Family Reunification’ is funded by UN Flüchtlingshilfe and Diakonie Deutschland.